Fighting, weapons of any kind, excessive negative yelling at officials + other players and coaches, profanity, and hazing will result in an immediate dismissal from the tournament facility. The site director at the tournament will defer to local law enforcement agencies.

Our #1 Priority is to help ensure the safety and security of all attendants & provide a positive tournament experience.

Universal Regulations & Guidelines for all Hardwood Basketball Tournaments & Events Include but are not limited to:


  • A 3.5% charge will be applied to team related credit card transactions.

  • Credit/Debit Card payments are not available for use at general admission.


  • If you do not feel well or are experiencing symptoms, we ask you stay at home and do not attend the event. Masks are optional.


  • Any person entering the playing area (any area inside the baseline and sideline) that is not actively competing as one of the players on the court is subject to immediate ejection from the facility without warning. See more on ejections in the Technical Fouls / Ejections / Fan Conduct section. We want to keep parents, players, and coaches all safe - and entering the playing area during a competition can be dangerous. 


  • Outside food and drinks are allowed unless posted otherwise at the facility, most venues WILL NOT allow this so be prepared.

  • Teams are expected to clear the bench area of their trash immediately following the game to ensure it is maintained for the next game. If you encounter a messy bench area before your game, please let a tournament staff member know immediately.


  • All formal complaints, concerns, or compliments can be submitted by clicking here or by finding the feedback form under our "contact" page.


  • Top of the bracket will play as the Home Team and the bottom of the bracket will play as Visitors.

  • Each game will consist of 2 halves of a 16 Minute, 18 Minute, or 20 Minute Duration. Depending on the game duration -- 3, or 4 Time-Outs will be given per game. Game Duration and Time-Outs are applicable to change at any time and may vary between each event. You will see specific halve durations and timeouts when your tournament brackets are released on the page.

  • All timeouts are :30 Second Timeouts

  • Officials may have any coaches, spectators, and official book or score keepers removed by notifying the site director.

  • Each team is responsible for furnishing either a clock-keeper or official book-keeper at the scorers table for each game. The inability to furnish a clock-keeper or official book-keeper may result in a forfeit depending on time constraints, the event, and the conduct of the team through the event. If there is already a volunteer willing to do it, the team does not have to provide a person. At select events, this position will be staffed by Hardwood Tournaments and neither team will be required to provide somebody.

  • All rules not listed will be regular High School rules.



  • Doors will open at the event venue 30 Minutes before the first games of the day are set to start, this may be modified by the site director.

  • Any misconduct, abuse of facility or personnel will not be tolerated. If any of these are violated, you will be asked to leave.

  • Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated by event staff -- including but not limited to harassment, hazing, & fighting. 

  • All facilities are Tobacco Free. Smoking or Vaping is not allowed and will not be tolerated.


  • General Admission Wristbands are Required for all persons other than those that have been granted a coaches pass. PDF

  • Weekend Pass Wristbands (When offered) are required to be worn visible for the tournament staff at all times and not be removed for the duration of the event (or you will have to purchase another one or general admission including lost/stolen/altered passes). PDF

  • Coaches Bands are 2-day Full Weekend Pass Wristbands and must be kept on for the duration of the event. First Wristbands for coaches are FREE and replacement bands are $10, so coaches must make sure to keep their wristband on all weekend. PDF

  • Daily General Admission Replacement Wristbands must be repurchased at regular general admission price. PDF